Fred B. Nair TV & Appliance

In Home Repair

We service most major brands of stoves/ovens, refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers, freezers and microwaves.

Service Rates:
A service call in the Mercersburg area is $85.  Please call for rates outside the Mercersburg area.
This involves the trip to your house including the first hour of service.
After the first hour, the rate is $50 per hour. 

We stock most of the parts for the appliances we sell.  We also stock many of the parts for the appliance brands we do not sell.  However there are times when a call involves two trips.  The first to diagnose the problem and the second trip to fix the problem after we have ordered the parts.  When this occurs, the rates and conditions will be discussed with the customer up front.  
For questions on costs or problems with your appliance call: (717)328-3221 or email:

We also do in store repair on all appliances.  Our in store rates are $45 per hour.
Our Television repair is limited to the Televisions that we sell.
Before you call for service:
    - Please have the brand and model number of the appliance that needs service.
        This can let us look up your appliance and find what parts you need.
    - Check to make sure that your breaker is not tripped and in the off position.
        This can be the cause for many dryer and oven problems.  
    - Know exactly what your problem is.  This can help us find the problem faster and save you $.
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